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  • Benefits of MSC 

    There are many people committing to serve in positions and ministries that may fit the parameters of Mission Service Corps (MSC). They may have been doing the ministry for some time. There are others who can easily find their own ministry position without going through any official channels or formal process. Why should they join Mission Service Corps now? The following reasons seek to answer these questions.

    1. Prayer support is available for assigned MSC missionaries.

    • General and specific - North American Missions Prayer-Gram is published quarterly with a specific missionary listed each day with their requests. Dated items can be listed if they are current within the issue dates.
    • Current and emergency Prayerline 1 800 554-PRAY is available for current and emergency missionary requests. About 5000 people call each month to retrieve the prayer requests for themselves and some for their churches. Requests are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday except for emergencies. For those without email, requests may be called to 770-410-6300.
    • Weekly Window on North America E-mail is sent to about 4000 intercessors weekly for them to pray for the missionaries listed with a prayer request.

    2. MSC is an "active" mission strategy. 

    • It is an official part of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and was approved in 1977 by the Southern Baptist Convention as part of a concerted, intentional strategy to reach North America for Jesus Christ.
    • Approximately 8,000 MSC missionaries have served with NAMB (and its predecessor, Home Mission Board) since then, with over 2,600 serving at this time. MSC missionaries are serving in every state, territory and protectorate of the U.S. and in Canada.
    • MSC is publicized frequently in many Southern Baptist publications and recognized at many state and national meetings. Volunteers in Missions (VIM) Sunday is observed annually in many churches and is used to recognize MSC and other aspects of mission involvement.
    • There is a special bond of fellowship between MSC missionaries.

    3. Special training is available through the MSC. MSC Basic Training prepares the missionary to serve through personal development, spiritual maturity and professional knowledge of available resources. Participants in an orientation become a support group and relationships are developed that will last a lifetime. Strength comes by knowing that others share in their "call." Contacts with professional staff people of NAMB provide an additional basis of support and assistance. It also expands the participants' vision of what is being done and what they can do.

    • Support Development School: Ministry Partner Development (MPD) is a process to involve other Christians in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. You are asking people to enter into a partnership where they commit their financial resources to God for you so you will be able to commit your time and skills fully to introducing people to the Savior.

      During MSC Support Development School you will spend approximately 26 hours learning principles that will enable you to raise your personal and/or ministry support for a lifetime of service through Mission Service Corps. The training is a mixture of lectures with hands-on practice and workshops. There is preparatory work that must be completed prior to attending the training. This will be sent upon registration.
    • Supervision training teaches supervision as a ministry and addresses aspects such as initial discussions, covenants, counseling, structure, recognition, problem solving and others. Experienced supervisors praise this concept and training; long-time pastors have lamented they had not had the training when they began their ministries. Seminars are scheduled several times a year throughout the U.S.

    4. MSC missionaries have been endorsed by their local church and assigned by NAMB. This gives them the credibility necessary to perform their ministry.

    5. The North American Mission Board has included in their published missionary count MSC missionaries who have served at least two years and are into their third year of service. MSC who meet this criteria are called MSC North American Missionaries and may have opportunities to speak at On Mission Celebrations and other mission events and conferences.

    6. Although the same resources are available to every Southern Baptist, the MSC missionary knows more of what is available and how to obtain them. This pertains both to materials and people.

    7. A structure for supervision is a part of the missionary system that provides the best possible opportunity for a good relationship between the MSC missionary and the supervisor. This structure includes:

    • Supervisor training
    • Presentation of supervision at MSC orientation, stressing the volunteer's responsibility
    • A negotiated covenant between the supervisor and missionary which delineates both task and personhood goals.

    This covenant provides a written basis for the relationship and for performance evaluations. This written agreement can prevent task-related misunderstandings. Covenants can be renegotiated at the request of supervisor or missionary.

    9. Each local church is encouraged to have a commissioning service for newly assigned MSC missionaries. This service is very meaningful for the missionary, calls attention to the missionary's ministry (and possibly additional support, if desired), and increased involvement of the local church in missions. The Lord has called some people to be missionaries as a result of the commissioning service.

    10. Being a MSC missionary encourages the person to tell many others about the opportunities to serve.

    11. GuideStone has developed a special medical insurance policy for MSC missionaries. The individual or family becomes eligible to purchase this policy when assigned.

    12. For those raising their own support there is also access to a self-funded retirement program through GuideStone.

    You can find more information at:

    Mission Service Corps
    North American Mission Board
    4200 North Point Parkway
    Alpharetta, GA 30022
    (800) 462-8657 ext. 6473 or Contact Us by Email